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At Monty’s Mulch, we do a lot more than just provide quality mulch products for your garden. We also carry top soils, many different types of stone, quoit pit clay, and mason sand.

Spice up your backyard with a new beautiful walkway or retaining wall! Our wide selection of decorative stone, all-purpose stone, wall stone, flagstone, and boulders is perfect for your next project. We’ll haul your order right to your front door. If you need your products delivered to areas other than your driveway, we will be happy to put them in any truck accessible spot. Truck accessible means that the area must be dry enough to support the weight of the truck plus the product, allow enough clearance to maneuver the truck and have no overhead obstructions such as trees or wires.

Landscaping Products

  • Mulch, composts, and soils

  • Variety of stone including Decorative and All Purpose   

  • Mason Sand and Pool Sand

  • Quality Zeager Brothers Mulch - Woodcarpet IPEMA certified playground mulch

Discounts and Prices

If you’re a contractor, we offer discounts on quality soil or mulch when you become established as a frequent customer. For more information regarding product prices, call or email Monty’s Mulch.

We also have quoit pit clay for sale!

How to Use Decorative Stones

Placing decorative stone around your garden or yard to cover an area, create a path or to use in place of mulch, requires some planning. The planning steps taken are well worth it, as decorative stone doesn't harbor termites, it will not blow away with the wind and it will not require replacement. Stone is a great accent for plant-free areas, but it can be used along with heat-loving perennial plants, such as in a rock or desert garden bed.

Before you can install decorative stone, you must determine the best depth for the bed.

  • Small stones less than 1/2 inch in diameter = 2" depth

  • Medium stones up to 1-inch diameter = 3" depth

  • Large stone about 1- to 2-inch-diameter = 4" depth 


Measure the square footage of the area where you would like to place the decorative stones. A general guide is one cubic yard of decorative stone will cover about 160 square feet 2" in depth, 108 square feet at the 3" in depth, and 80 square feet at the 4" depth.

Before placing the stones, be sure to methodically clear the area of any debris, weeds, and unwanted objects. Installing edging around the decorative stone bed is recommended to deter weeds and to keep them in place.

Want some more landscaping and gardening tips? Check out our How To page!

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> Need Gardening Tips? Check out our helpful "How To" page!

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