Quality Mulch For Any Landscape

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About Our Mulch Supply Yard

Add a professional touch to your landscaping with quality mulch from Monty’s Mulch. We offer a variety of colors to make your colorful flowers stand out and certified playground mulch to add an extra level of safety to your playground area.


Our colorfast dyes won’t fade when the mulch is spread on a dry day with a 12 hour drying time , so your landscaping will look great all season long.

Mulch Delivery Services

For your convenience, we’ll deliver products right to your door for a reasonable delivery fee.

This fee is necessary in order to maintain our trucks and provide fuel, tags, insurance and driver compensation.

Types of Mulch

  •  Black, brown, and                   red colorfast mulch

  •  Zeager Brothers                        Woodcarpet  IPEMA                  certified playground mulch

  •  Hardwood bark mulch

**Right Dress licorice root mulch, the ONLY true licorice root mulch is no longer available in the US because there was only one producer and they are no longer making it.**

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Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is a very important component to any garden or well-maintained yard.

  1. Control Weeds and Pests - Garden mulch will block sunlight from your soil, discouraging weed growth, and depending on the type of mulch you use, it can also help prevent pests from invading your garden.

  2. Maximize nutrients - Mulch will prevent rain from washing away nutrients and attract earthworms that help enrich your soil and create a great soil structure.

  3. Moisture in your Soil - Mulch will help your soil retain moisture, which will help reduce your water bills, especially in the year's warmer months.

  4. Prevent Soil Erosion - Mulch will protect your soil from washing away in the rain, and mulch will naturally break down and become part of your soil over time.

  5. Improve Your Look - Mulching your garden will give your garden a more professional look and feel, and your plant will contrast nicely with the color mulch adds to your garden.

Not only does mulch enhance the appearance of your landscaping, but it retains moisture around plants’ root systems during dry periods, inhibits germination of weeds, insulates plants during cold weather, and enriches the soil as it decomposes.

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